Dimmer Switch Installation

With many lights in your home, you have the option to turn the light or turn the light off. There is no in between option. In certain situations, the intense glare of the light is undesirable. For example, when watching a movie with your family at night, you may want some lighting in the room, but you don’t want the room fully lit. Another example would be when in your breakfast room in the morning. You need some light in the space, but you want to give your eyes time to adjust to the light as you wake up. Some homeowners have attempted to adjust the intensity of their room’s lighting by installing different wattages of light bulbs. However, this still only leaves you with the "all or none" dilemma. A better solution is to utilize the services of a local electrician from Delight Electric to install a dimmer switch.

The Benefits of a Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is commonly installed in rooms such s bedrooms, living and family rooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms. The fact is that in most rooms of your house, you have the periodic or regular need to adjust the intensity of lighting. This often is done to establish a certain mood in the room. For example, the dimmer switch may be used to create romantic lighting in a master bedroom or to provide kids with a small amount of light during the night in their rooms. However, these lights can also help you to conserve energy. When you only need or want a small amount of lighting, why spend money lighting up the entire space with full intensity? You can easily install a dimmer switch in your home to help you conserve energy and create the desired lighting effect in your space.

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

The installation of a dimmer switch is a job best left to a local electrician. To install the switch, a local electrician will need to remove the existing light switch before installing the new dimmer switch in its space. The power to the room must be turned off during the installation process to eliminate the possibility of electrical shock. Furthermore, the wires need to be connected appropriately to eliminate the risk of fire once the electricity to the area is turned back on.

Before You Call for Installation Service

There are a few steps that you can take before you call an electrician from Delight Electric for the service that you need. First, consider which rooms in your home would benefit from a dimmer switch. Keep in mind that light fixtures can be used with dimmer switches, but these switches are not suitable for ceiling fans. If your ceiling fans and the attached fan lighting are associated with a single switch, your electrician will need to adjust the wiring before the dimmer switch can be installed. In addition to selecting the rooms where you want a dimmer switch installed, you may also pick out the dimmer switches from a local home improvement store. Your electrician can provide these for you, but if you have a specific style of switch that you want to utilize, you should purchase these before your Los Angeles electrician arrives.

If you want to enjoy the benefits associated with a dimmer switch, call Delight Electric to schedule the installation service you need.

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